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The merengue has its origin in the Dominican Republic and is literally played every were.

Merengue means whipped egg whites and sugar in Spanish, similar to the English word meringue. No one knows why this name became the name of the music of the Dominican Republic. Maybe, it can trace its meaning from the movement on the dance floor that could remind one of an egg beater in action.

Three main types of merengue are played in the Dominican Republic today. Perico ripiao which is usually called merengue tipico (classic) is the oldest style commonly played and when translated in English the name "perico ripiao" means "ripped parrot" which suggests controversy but is said to be the name of a brothel where the music was originally played. The other 2 types are Merengue de Orquesta and Merengue de Guitarra.

It's a good idea to rent a Perico ripiao for any special occasion. It isn't expensive and can add a very nice touch to an incentive event or a special dinner. We will be happy to set you up or if you are lucky take you for a dance.

We can also set you up with lessons to learn to dance merengue!

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