Core Values

These are the Core values that guide our professional and personal actions.

Integrity. We are punctual, honest and we honor our clients, always. We do not cut corners.

Excellence. Our intention is to always provide the best service to the highest standards at the destination. We want to be the best at what we do. We hold ourselves to the highest standards with personal accountability.

Sustainability for the long term is important to us. Since year 2000 we operate according to the international code of conduct and we are the only DMC to do so in the Dominican Republic. To find out more about the code of conduct, go here

You can be absolutely sure that our excursions and tours have the same health and safety standards that are used in all inclusive hotel resorts. We are the only DMC that guarantees a Crystallized tour program where we have third party health and safety auditors monitoring the food and beverage of all excursions or activities outside of the hotels.

Since 1995 all the major hotels in the DR have a third party health and safety auditors monitoring the food and beverage as well as the pool water and all other possible points of contamination a guest might encounter.

It makes sense that when a guest leaves the hotel on an excursion bought from you/us they have the same level of quality and protection that is expected inside the resort. Not all service providers guarantee this, we are the only ones.

I want to know more about why “Crystallized” is important

Social Responsibility.

Being in the destination allows us to donate where it is mostly needed without the intervention of intermediaries and expensive administrative fees. We will make sure that you find the cause/program that matches your interests and capacities to maximize the impact of the donation.

If you are interested in donating, please contact us. We will help you find the right community or cause and inform you how the donations will be used and the final accomplishments achieved with your contribution.

Contact us

Punta Cana office
Hotel H2, Friusa, Bavaro
Punta Cana
809 552 0184

Santo Domingo office
Diamond Mall, ave Los Proceres, Santo Domingo
809 616 3000

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