International Organization and ONGs

Planning for a challenging trip in remote areas of the island, such as along the Haitian boarder or rural, remote areas? We do this on a regular basis for many international organizations. Logistics during donors and sponsors visits, community meetings and visits to projects in not-so- accessible areas can usually be a daunting task, but it does not have to be.

We will locate the safest accommodation and healthy restaurants in the area. We have great contacts and vast experience working with these kinds of establishments.

As you probably know, these are not places you find on the web; a lot of them are very basic and may not even use email. Many times all payments must be cash on the spot and this can pose an inconvenience, along with a safety issue. Not to worry…we take care of that for you.

We also understand the importance of staying connected, so we will provide local cell phones to maintain communication within the country and with our company. In addition, we offer well equipped vehicles with optional Wi-Fi and bilingual driver and guides with experience. Our staff has already been to many projects, Plan sites and NGOs.

We continuously educate all personnel involved about safety, sustainability and social values in order to accommodate the guests that travel with us in the knowledgeable way they expect. We are here with our feet on the ground, connected and well informed. Take advantage of our expertise and let us know what you need here and we will deliver  - Click here for RFP

Areas we have covered with NGOs, Plan and other organizations.

Bani, Bateyes, San Juan de La Maguana, Montecristi, Dajabon, Jimani, Barahona, Baruco, Tamayo, Veron (Lionfish project) Villa Fundacion (Infante Sano projects), Sugar Cane Zone, Batey (Reforestation projects) Dajabon province (Cowgills' latrine projects), San Juan de la Maguana (Cookstove projects).

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