Tours and Excursions

  • Canopy Tour

    We all now know the Zipline and similar products,
    but this has the longest cables and is built within
    the high canopies of the trees!

    The adrenalin will start to flow through you as you begin with expertise training from Professional guides. When your safety equipment has been securely placed and full instruction given ,only then will you be allowed to step up to your first platform and attached to the safety cables ,before waiting your turn and experiencing your first 'flying ' sensation as you head to the next platform.

    The double cables ensure the highest form of safety and as you traverse from platform to platform your guides will assist you in every way

    Where you may need to walk from one to another, their knowledge skills in flora and fauna will come to light as you have a personal guided tour.

    The cables are up to 700 meters long, making them the longest Cables on the island! The big difference with the Canopy tour is the view.

    You will be looking down at jungle style scenery below, even crossing streams and a country road! When the last platform is insight, its time to relax as you head back to base where fresh fruit, sodas, water and if you really need it, a beer is available also.

    Sit back and relax and enjoy your travels all over again as you watch the DVD, extra charge, as you laugh as see yourself fly through the air.

    This will be the highlight of your vacation. It is an adrenalin rush that will last for a life time!

  • Caribbean Festival

    Come Along, enjoy snorkeling and observe many tropical fishes around the coral reefs. Swim with nurse sharks and stingrays at our private and exclusive floating aquarium "Stingray Bay", or even get up close with our stingrays, with the safest interaction program in the world. Watch in amazement as our boat comes alive with the Dominican Carnival unfolding all around you.

    This is a half day (either morning or afternoon), the price is US 99.00

  • Saona on Catamaran

    Whatever your idea is of paradise, you will find it on Saona Island. White beaches, clear turquoise waters, countless palm trees and starfish are just some of the things you will find here. An unforgettable escape to paradise where all your Caribbean dreams will come true.


    We will ride along the beautiful coastline of the East National Park, crossing over to Saona Island. White sandy beaches, coconut trees, rustic wooden houses surrounded by crystal waters of different shades of blue.

    Lunch buffet is served on the beach at 1:00 O'clock.

    Return to Bayahibe and hotel around sunset.

  • Speed Boat Tour

    Be James Bond for a day driving your own speed boat.

    During this excursion you will see the most beautiful beaches and reef of Punta Cana, Bavaro.


    Experiencing this exciting adventure!! Meet our professional guides and prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience called ‘SNUBA®’. Thanks to this new technology you don’t need a diving license to explore the underwater world. SNUBA® is without a doubt the best combination between diving and snorkeling. Our SNUBA® equipment consists of a floating RAFT and an air hose of 20 feet. This will give you the freedom to choose the level of depth that you are comfortable with. Great snorkeling and action packed adventure. You can handle your own boat and have great fun at doing it! Come and enjoy!!

  • Helicopter Tour

    Fly over the beautiful surrounding areas of white sand beaches, lush tropical vegetation, golf courses and endless resorts along this fabulous coastline with the most experienced helicopter sightseeing company in town. Helidosa makes this tour a memorable experience. Fulfill your dream and actually go a head with the ride. There is nothing like flying in a helicopter.


    The prices for this tour depends on the duration of the flight.

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