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The Dominican Republic has many inviting and cozy restaurants. Most restaurants begin serving around 6 p.m., but it is customary for Dominicans to dine late. There are French, Italian, Mexican and Chinese restaurants, as well as those serving traditional Dominican food.

The Dominican cuisine is very rich and varied. Some favorite local dishes you should try while you are here are rice and beans with fried platanos (plantains), Sancocho (a thick stew usually made with different meats), arroz con pollo (rice with chicken), Casabe (flat and round cassava bread).

There are many good brands of local beers and rums. A variety of drinks are prepared with rum. A variety of wines imported from all over the world are also available.

Restaurants charge a 10% service fee and 18% tax. These charges are imposed by law. In spite of this, it is customary to leave an additional tip at the discretion of the customer if the 10% service fee is not charged.

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