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One of the most popular souvenirs from the D.R are figures made from Guayacan wood. The English name is Lignum vitae and it is Latin for "wood of life", and in parts of Europe known as pockenholz.


It is  from trees of the genus Guaiacum. It is the hardest wood in the world and will easily sink in water it also is referred to as ironwood. This wood was once very important for applications requiring a material with its extraordinary combination of strength, toughness and density.


Demand for the wood has been reduced by modern materials science, which has led to polymer, alloys and composite materials which can take lignum vitae's place.


taino figure2


This Taino Indian figure is hand made in the Dominican Republic from Guayacan.


Taino people who inhabited the Caribbean Islands before the arrival of Columbus used it as a good luck charm and against the evil spirits.




This Turtle is also made from Guayacan "wood of life".

If you are interested you can obtain these Taino replicas made from Guayacan from us.


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