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Any serious cigar amateur probably knows the Dominican Republic from the cigars.

It is no secret that when Fidel took over Cuba many prominent Cuban cigar families took their know how and fine seeds to the D.R. This infused more quality to an already tobacco producing island. Today the Dominican Republic is known throughout the world as a place where the cultivation and curing of tobacco and the manufacture of cigars is an art form.

There are cigar shops all over the place. Most hotels have a cigar market once a week when they invite cigar vendors to set up shop inside the hotel. Often they will roll cigars right there and then.

However if you are serious about cigars and it is part of coming here, you will be best off on the north coast (POP) where you will be close to the center of the island. This is where the best Tobacco is produced due to the fertility of its soil. The Cibao valley and the Santiago area is la creme de la creme for cigars. This is where the art form was developed and formed for centuries, from father to son.

We have weekly tours that visit well known cigar factories, so just let us know and we will set you up.

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