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Popular Dance Clubs and Lounge Bars

Santo Domingo

  • Atarazana 9
    This is a two-tier club that mixes merengue, bachata, salsa and reggaeton. If you want to have fun you should definitely visit this place.
  • BeAT
    One of the top dance clubs, featuring many types of music and a very crowded and fun atmosphere.
  • Bottom's Bar
  • Cafecito
    If you're into a karaoke night this is definitely a place to visit. Cafecito is frequented by a mature audience.
  • Docks
    Located right by the entrance of the Acropolis Mall, this open air disco features contemporary music and a very nice place to meet with locals.
  • El Sartén
    This vintage latin bar is usually visited by a crowd of very experienced and mature dancers. If you're deep into merengue and salsa you can't miss this fantastic place.
  • Guacara Taína
  • Hard Rock Café
    Featuring rock music and rock bands this is an international renowned club.
  • Jet Set
    This is a very renowned club frequented by locals that features live music on Mondays.
  • Kanta Bar
  • LED
    This is a very spacious club with a wide range of music. Best place to look for the best nightlife experience. There's a specific music genre for every night of the week.
  • Merengue Bar
  • Platinium
    A very spacious club that usually features live presentations, mixing merengue, salsa, bachata and reggaeton.
  • Praia Bar & Wine Lounge
    Renowned for it's many theme parties, special guests, contemporary singers and DJ's from around the world, this is a place you must visit!
  • Red Room
  • Retro Café
    Retro is a very good place to dance with locals.
  • Shots
    Located at Plaza Uris.
  • Sinatra
    Located at Plaza Uris.
  • Taboo Bamboo
    Located at Plaza Uris.
  • The Beer House
  • Tonic Bar & Lounge
  • Trio Café
  • Vié
    Located at Plaza Uris.
  • Zambra
    Located at Plaza Uris.

Puerto Plata

  • The Lighthouse

Punta Cana

  • Mangú Disco Bar
    Considered by many the best disco of the country because every floor features a different kind of music.
  • ORO
    by Hard Rock
  • Jewel
    in Melia

La Romana

  • Victory Club

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