Time & Distances

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From Santo Domingo Airport (SDQ)

  • JUAN DOLIO 20km 35min
  • SDQ CITY 30km 35min SDQ
  • PUNTA CANA 200km 3:00h SDQ
  • PUERTO PLATA 250km 4:00h SDQ
  • SOSUA 240km 4:00h SDQ
  • CABARETE 220km 3:30h SDQ
  • SAMANA 245km 4:00h SDQ
  • LA ROMANA 110km 1:20h

From Punta Cana Airport (PUJ)

  • JUAN DOLIO 150km 3:00h
  • SANTO DOMINGO CITY 250km 3:35h
  • PUNTA CANA Hotels 25km 45min
  • UVIERO ALTO 50km 1:00h
  • LA ROMANA 110km 1:20h

From Puerto Plata (POP)

  • SOSUA 8km 15min
  • CABARETE 36km 25min
  • PLAYA DORADA 25km 35min
  • SAMANA 4:00H

The people

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The population consists of approximately 9 million inhabitants.

Some 2.5 million live in Santo Domingo, the capital city. Dominicans are very friendly and will do their best to help you anytime.

They come in very different skin colors and tones. About 73% of the population is "mulata" or "mixed race", which is a mixture between black and white, 16% is white and 11% black.

Dominicans at an event.

The Language

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The official language spoken in the Dominican Republic is Spanish. What people really talk is Criollo or Dominican Spanish.

Almost all hotel and resort's staff speak several different languages for the tourist's convenience.

The Carnival

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If you come here in February, do not miss the Carnivals. Each city and village has their own traditions and costumes. The Diablos Cojuelos or lame devils are the main characters in the Dominican Carnival. The Diablos cojuelos have "teams" with similar costumes that are called Comparsas.

The most impressive Carnival is in La Vega where the tradition is that the Diablos hit onlookers in the butt with inflated goat-bladders. Well that was the good old days, now they use rubber ones, but it still hurts. They usually hit soft when they see that you are a tourist but some of the Diablos get even more encouraged, especially with pretty girls. They have lots of small bells that tingle when the come running. In La Vega they have the most beautiful masks and costumes.

Most Diablos from all the cities and villages come to Santo Doming on the last Sunday of February for the culmination of the Carnival. This climax is held on the Malecon (Sea side road) and lasts most of the day.

Adrenaline starts pumping when a comparsa comes running towards you. I tell you, better find a wall to protect your butt. Sometimes it is better to just RUN!!!

If you are a small group we will be happy to set you up to see the Carnival, do not miss it.


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